Celebrating Research


ARL Member Libraries

About “Celebrating Research”

The date in parentheses following each library name is the year that library joined ARL.

University of Alabama Libraries (1967)
University at Albany, State University of New York, Libraries (1975)
University of Alberta Libraries (1969)
University of Arizona Library (1967)
Arizona State University Libraries (1973)
Auburn University Libraries (1992)
Boston College Libraries (2000)
Boston Public Library (1933)
Boston University Libraries (1962)
Brigham Young University Library (1974)
University of British Columbia Library (1967)
Brown University Library (1932)
University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Libraries (1967)
University of California, Berkeley Library (1932)
University of California, Davis Library (1969)
University of California, Irvine Libraries (1981)
University of California, Los Angeles Library (1937)
University of California, Riverside Libraries (1979)
University of California, San Diego Libraries (1973)
University of California, Santa Barbara Libraries (1973)
Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (1982)
Case Western Reserve University Libraries (1969)
Center for Research Libraries (1962)
University of Chicago Library (1932)
University of Cincinnati Libraries (1932)
University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries (1946)
Colorado State University Libraries (1975)
Columbia University Libraries (1932)
University of Connecticut Libraries (1962)
Cornell University Library (1932)
Dartmouth College Library (1932)
University of Delaware Library (1983)
Duke University Libraries (1932)
Emory University Libraries (1975)
University of Florida Libraries (1956)
Florida State University Libraries (1962)
George Washington University Library (1998)
Georgetown University Library (1962)
University of Georgia Libraries (1967)
Georgia Tech Library and Information Center (1983)
University of Guelph Library (1979)
Harvard University Library (1932)
University of Hawaii at Manoa Library (1976)
University of Houston Libraries (1975)
Howard University Libraries (1971)
University of Illinois at Chicago Library (1988)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library (1932)
Indiana University Libraries Bloomington (1932)
University of Iowa Libraries (1932)
Iowa State University Library (1932)
Johns Hopkins University Libraries (1932)
University of Kansas Libraries (1932)
Kent State University Libraries and Media Services (1974)
University of Kentucky Libraries (1952)
Bibliothèque de l’Université Laval (1985)
Library and Archives Canada (1971)
Library of Congress (1932)
Louisiana State University Libraries (1938)
University of Louisville Libraries (2002)
McGill University Library (1932)
McMaster University Libraries (1976)
University of Manitoba Libraries (1981)
University of Maryland Libraries (1962)
University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries (1969)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries (1932)
University of Miami Libraries (1976)
University of Michigan Library (1932)
Michigan State University Libraries (1956)
University of Minnesota Libraries (1932)
University of Missouri–Columbia Libraries (1932)
Bibliothèques de l'Université de Montréal (2001)
National Agricultural Library (1948)
National Library of Medicine (1948)
University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries (1932)
University of New Mexico Libraries (1979)
The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations (1932)
New York State Library (1969)
New York University Libraries (1936)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries (1932)
North Carolina State University Libraries (1983)
Northwestern University Library (1932)
University Libraries of Notre Dame (1962)
Ohio State University Libraries (1932)
Ohio University Libraries (1996)
University of Oklahoma Libraries (1962)
Oklahoma State University Library (1962)
University of Oregon Libraries (1962)
University of Pennsylvania Library (1932)
Pennsylvania State University Libraries (1962)
University of Pittsburgh Libraries (1962)
Princeton University Library (1932)
Purdue University Libraries (1956)
Queen’s University Library (1976)
Rice University Library (1971)
University of Rochester Libraries (1932)
Rutgers University Libraries (1956)
University of Saskatchewan Library (1980)
Smithsonian Institution Libraries (1971)
University of South Carolina Libraries (1975)
University of Southern California Libraries (1962)
Southern Illinois University Carbondale Library (1967)
Stony Brook University, State University of New York, Libraries (1975)
Syracuse University Library (1962)
Temple University Libraries (1962)
University of Tennessee Libraries (1962)
University of Texas Libraries (1932)
Texas A&M University Libraries (1962)
Texas Tech University Libraries (1997)
University of Toronto Libraries (1932)
Tulane University Library (1967)
University of Utah Library (1962)
Vanderbilt University Library (1946)
University of Virginia Library (1932)
Virginia Tech Libraries (1976)
University of Washington Libraries (1932)
Washington State University Libraries (1962)
Washington University in St. Louis Libraries (1932)
University of Waterloo Library (1984)
Wayne State University Libraries (1962)
The University of Western Ontario Libraries (1976)
University of Wisconsin–Madison Libraries (1932)
Yale University Library (1932)
York University Libraries (1979)